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Contour Mouse

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The Contour Mouse, previously known as the Perfit Mouse, is designed to support your hand comfortably without the need to cluth the mouse to control it. Excessive clutching and finger flexing can aggravate the hand and wrist resulting in repetitive strain injuries.

Benefits and Features:

  • A pronounced arch on the top of the mouse gives your hand support from underneath. The specifically designed arch fills the hollow of your palm and allows you to rest your hand on top of the mouse. This promotes straight alignment of your hand and wrist while slightly elevating your wrist from the desk
  • Elongated buttons allow you to use the second knuckle of your finger to activate clicks, which uses a stronger, thicker tendon. Contour Mouse allows you to rest your hand on top of the mouse and click buttons with small, subtle motions without flexing your fingers
  • The scroll wheel located on the side of the mouse is controlled by your thumb, keeping your hand in position and eliminating over-use of the fingers
  • Convenient, out of the box, "plug and play" connectivity for both PC and Mac computers. USB connection
  • Four right hand sizes and three left hand sizes allow you to find a mouse perfectly suited for your hand

Additional Information


    Sizing Guide:

    Your size is determined by measuring from the tip of the middle finger to the first crease of the wrist.

  • Extra-Large (Available in right only): 8.25" or above
  • Large (Available in left or right): 7.5"-8.25"
  • Medium (Available in left or right): 6.75"-7.5"
  • Small (Available in left or right): Under 6.75"
  • Color: Gun Metal Grey