What We Do

Combining innovative products with a unique understanding of the human form, CSI has emerged at the forefront of workplace ergonomics. In addition to offering a wide array of ergonomic products and solutions, CSI provides personal consultations in our showroom, "The Comfort Zone", as well as onsite workplace evaluations, training support and referrals, and product delivery and installation. As we continue to expand and evolve, CSI will remain true to our philosophy that "it pays to be comfortable."

Our History

CSI (originally Clinic Supply, Inc.) began in 1991 as a distributor of orthopedic and health rehabilitation products. While the company's initial focus quickly took hold within the healthcare community, our passion and expertise soon grew to encompass the broad field of occupational health and safety. CSI discovered purpose not only in helping individuals who had sustained workplace injuries, but also in finding new ways to prevent such injuries from occurring.

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