Ergonomic Chair Cushions & Accessories

There are times when work must be done, when time speeds up, and the demands of the workplace feel utterly nonstop. That’s when stress can have a real impact on the human body, especially when an office is relying on furniture and work systems that lack ergonomic design. At CSI Ergonomics, we think every office should function at maximum capability, and maximum human comfort. The funny thing is that those two things really go hand in hand.

An ergonomically sound workspace includes furniture and support products designed with the human body’s well-being in mind. After all, no matter how hard we work, we only have one back, and one neck—that’s why it’s worth it to give the body all the support it needs. A well-supported back and neck make for a healthy body as well as a productive workforce, and those are two very good things to have around. Let’s take a look at some of the products that can help maximize comfort and a happy workflow.

The Kensington Memory Foam Back Rest is made of a high-density memory foam developed by NASA. This backrest easily adjusts to any chair, and its unique heat sensitivity allows it to mold to the body for a perfect fit, delivering the ultimate in back comfort and care.

The G Seat Ultra is another support device that uses innovative ergonomic engineering to provide incredible support. The unique polyurethane gel interior of this support seat disperses pressure right at the point of contact. The seat’s forward slope helps align the pelvis and improve posture, all while alleviating stress on the back. This seat is lightweight and folds up for easy portability, so it can be used in a variety of settings.

CSI Ergonomics offers these products and more. Take a look and find the right products for essential back and neck care today.