OPTP Back Vitalizer

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Back Vitalizer

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A 16" x 12" multi-functional air pillow, the Back Vitalizer, offers multiple ways to relieve back pain and is perfect for people who sit for long periods. The air pillow works as a lumbar support, an exercise ball, a posture positioning wedge, a balance trainer, lumbar decompressor and more.

Benefits and Features:

  • When laid upon, it bridges the lumbar spine for decompression of the discs
  • Placed on a chair behind the back, it functions as a lumbar support
  • When sat upon, it functions similar to an exercise ball, activating the deep stabilizing muscles of the spine for core stability
  • On the seating surface, it functions as a posture positioning wedge
  • In standing, it can be used for ankle rehab and balance training

Additional Information

SKU OPTP-273-2
  • Two Sides: automobile grade polyurethane leather and 3D air circulation fabric, both of which are durable and easily washable
  • New and improved air valve system that provides easily adjustable inflation for total control of the level of exercise and support
  • Ability to fasten to chair back horizontally or vertically with the adjustable chair strap
  • Supports up to 400 pounds