Rolling Computer Carts

Today, the modern workplace is by definition computer-driven. Efficient and beautiful in its function, the modern computer is often the centerpiece of a work area, and at the very least, a critical part of most offices. Quite honestly, these days it’s hard to imagine how we ever got anything done without it, which is why placement and use of the computer in the work area is so important.

Portability is also a critical aspect of computer use in today’s go-go workplaces. Using a computer and moving it wherever it’s needed should be accomplished with ease--that’s why computer carts are such an asset for a busy office.

At CSI Ergonomics, we believe the human body should be part of the dynamic of every piece of office equipment and office furniture. That’s why we offer a range of mobile computer carts that take the “human factor” into account in every aspect of design and use. We offer top quality computer carts that are designed to deliver an easy interaction between the workspace, computer and the person using them.

Our product line includes computer carts like the Ergotron StyleView® EMR cart with LCD pivot, which offers easy computer use with an ergonomic sit-to-stand adjustment feature. Other carts range from the Ergotron Neo-Flex®, which offers an easy flow from sitting to standing with just an easy touch, and the Ergotron Workfit-C Single Sit-Stand Workstation Cart, which offers sit-and-stand capability with easy mobility.

Take a look at the full selection of versatile computer carts offered here; we have products to suit every aspect of today’s fast-moving and very mobile workplace.