Delivery and Installation


From providing products that enhance your workspace to educating users on proper positioning, CSI Ergonomics is with you every step of the way. Our goal is to be your partner from start to finish, so when it comes to delivery and installation, we are here for you.

Our install team consists of professionals with years of experience. While onsite, we provide useful instruction on how to properly use the product. To us, an installation is much more than just assembling the pieces and putting in some screws. It’s about working with you to ensure the right fit for your work environment.

All work spaces are different, so during the installation our team can offer suggestions about how to make your space more ergonomic and functional for you. You’ve spent the time and money to choose the right product to meet your needs, so now let us help you make sure it’s used to its full potential.

Where We Install:


We provide installation and delivery services in the Minneapolis/St. Paul metro area. If you are questioning your particular location please contact us.

If you are outside our installation area, don’t worry, we are happy to walk you through the installation process.

Installation Booking and Fees:

Our installation and delivery prices are very reasonable. Please give us a call at 952-215-0700 to discuss your installation needs. We can review pricing with you and add it to your online order.