OM Seating BuildingWhat makes CSI a valuable seating partner is our close relationship with Office Master in Ontario California.  We recently visited their manufacturing facility and spent a few days learning more about their growth, vision and physical process.  We got the chance to help upholster and fabricate some chairs.  They are rebranding as OM Seating because their scope extends well into healthcare, industrial and commercial seating.

OM Seating FabricOM Seating has developed new lines of fashion and function driven by the OM, OM Active, Truly and the Wersky (Jan 2018 release).  These lines reflect their building philosophy, which is to engineer proprietary designs that attract a diverse group of users, allowing for multiple accessory options that create a customized solution.  The Truly is a great example: You can use a variety of mechanisms, arm options and accessories to suit multiple user groups. The TruFit Polyback allows for independent height adjustment and bowable lumbar curve.  Headrest and upholstery options are available too.  The result is sleek design with a custom fit. 

OM Seating Awards

Their seating offering is constantly evolving to be even more responsive and their design detailing has become ever more refined to reflect a growing appeal to the higher-end customers who they've already long served.  In fact, even aspects as fundamental as their logo and name have changed over time.  The name shift from Office Master to the abbreviation OM Seating is a recognition that the modern "office" is many things and many places.

OM has a true nationwide reach and is focused on delivering genuine, smart solutions to their customers' wide-ranging needs.  They do so by offering an extensive portfolio of chair families that fit nearly every work mode and work space.  OM prides itself on genuinely listening to their customers and then coming through with responsive solutions.  OM has come a long way since they hatched in March 1986 on an egg ranch outside of San Diego.  We are excited to see OM Seating grow as a company and our proud to have a strong partnership with them!

OM Truly LineupWe are excited to announce that we now carry a full lineup of the OM Truly chair in our showroom! The Truly brings together thoughtfully curated choices, sophisticated backrest design, and a high-end aesthetic,all in one flexible chair that fits into any productivity environment. The Truly has the TruFit Back System which is engineered to respond and recover to the flex and support to the areas that need it. The backrest adjustment allows you to set the back to your preferred height.  It also has a cable-driven lumbar area tension adjustment that allows for generous lumbar support curve for multiple body types. We would encourage you to stop by our showroom at 5900 Clearwater Drive, Suite 300 Minnetonka, MN 55343 or give us a call to make an appointment 952-215-0700.