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Stand and Move

We know that standing and moving during the workday leads to employees that are happier, healthier and more productive. The Clever Electric Table Legs are height adjustable and will help bring your office space to the next level in ergonomics and wellness.

Transform your Current Desk

The Clever Electric Table Legs are meant to replace static desk legs, making the desk surface already in place a height-adjustable desk.  Even if your office is currently using static cubicle desks, adding the Clever Electric Lift Legs makes the desk height adjustable without replacing the desk or adding a desktop riser. The Clever Electric Table Legs are a simple way to improve your work space.

Simple & Adaptable

The Clever Electric Table Legs are stand-alone workstation legs that are easy to assemble. Since you are not replacing your entire desk, the Clever Tables Legs are an affordable workstation for a budget-conscious office. We have two and three column desk configurations available to suit your needs and whatever the current size of your desk is. The two column configuration, for instance, can support 36” to 84” desktops and up to 200 lbs.  Other options include hand switch options, foot options, and powder coat color.

See photos, pricing, and options for the Clever Electric Table Legs here.