The majority of this pain can be attributed to the amount of time young people spend stooped over their smartphones, tablets, and computers. Tablets in particular are causing concern because they are too heavy to simply hold up like a smartphone but don’t come with a support that holds them in a better viewing position, like a laptop. If you’re working with a tablet in your lap or lying flat on the table, your neck has bend much more to see the screen, causing more strain on your muscles and vertebrae.

For a product that was introduced only three years ago, the tablet has become exceedingly popular, accounting for about 8% of all web traffic. Their popularity of use for web browsing has surpassed that of the smartphone even though they are much less common.  It’s estimated that on average people visit 70% more webpages while browsing on a tablet compared to a smartphone. The tablet has boomed since 2010, and it’s easy to see why: they’re small enough to carry around but have a screen large enough to create a more pleasant browsing experience.

However, with this sudden boom in the popularity of the tablet, there has been a synonymous boom in back and neck pain in the general population.  There has been an alarming amount of 18-24-year-olds who report suffering from back pain, some 84%. This age group now misses more days of work because of back pain than the people of their parents’ generation.

Some advice doctors recommend to alleviate back pain from using a tablet is to use a case, stand, or arm that allows for optimum viewing position and reduces or eliminates strain on your back, neck and shoulders. Attachable keyboards are also recommended so that your tablet can remain at an upright angle while you type. It’s also important to shift your position so as not to remain static for too long.  Taking a break to move around every 15 minutes will help keep your entire body loose. 

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