Keyboards & Mice

Enhance your computer experience with one of our featured ergonomic keyboards and mice. Keyboard tilt, resulting from a steep angled design, can cause the wrists to bend upwards instead of remaining neutral or straight. Our ergonomic keyboards and mice prevent contact stress to the tendons from repetitive keying or typing.

Our wrist-and-tendon-friendly computer keyboards and mice are made to promote neutral postures you use your computer. Your shoulders rest in a relaxed position, and your wrists remain straight and align with the forearms, allowing you to type comfortably without being exposed to continual contact stress or uncomfortable positioning.

Keyboards and mice work compatibly with the other ergonomic components of the workstation too, including wrist rests and other supports. Choose our well-designed keyboards and mice to maintain a level posture for your wrist, arms and shoulders. Raising your shoulders to elevate your arms can be alleviated with our ergonomic keyboard products.

We offer innovative keyboard models by Kenesis, Microsoft, Adesso Tru-Form, and Goldtouch technologies. Our Contour RollerMouse products enable the user to reach for the mouse without excess tension or strain as well.

You’ll like the curvature of our Natural 4000 keyboard by Microsoft, which includes one-touch functionality and an enhanced number pad design. Zoom in close and back out without having to take your hand off the keyboard. All of our keyboards and mice allow you to use your wrists and hands comfortably and naturally. Browse our unbeatable selection.