Ergonomic Keyboards

Bring some much-needed comfort to your typing experience, with one of our featured ergonomic keyboards. Our models make keying more natural and comfortable with such ergonomic brands as Kenesis, Microsoft, Adesso Tru-Form, and Goldtouch. For example, the Kenesis Freestyle Solo Keyboard, designed for PC use, features a revolutionary design that is endorsed by health professionals and ergonomists alike.

Like its name suggests, the Freelstyle Keyboard allows you to adjust the keyboard for your specific keying needs. Therefore, you’re able to adjust the keyboard so you don’t have to raise your shoulders or position your wrists awkwardly to accommodate your typing needs. Keyboard modules offer separation, based on personal requirements. Driverless hot keys are also featured to supplant mouse activity, and Delete and Escape keys are made extra wide.

The Adesso Tru-Form keyboard not only offers a split-key design, it also comes with a built-in touchpad too. The touchpad not only reduces the amount of desk space being used, it also allows for closer mouse use.

The Microsoft Natural 400 showcases one-touch functions for common computing tasks, such as hot keys and email. You can even zoom in and out for editing or fine printing. Use the zoom-in and zoom-out feature without ever taking your hand away from the keyboard. Leatherette palm supports, built in to the device, add extra comfort and ease when using the keyboard.

If you’re working within a limited space, then you’ll like the V2 Comfort Keyboard represented by the Goldtouch brand. Made for both PCs and MACs, the keyboard is made with a ball-and-lever locking design, permitting the keyboard to fit with one of a number of body types. Made to align your shoulder and arms, it allows you to maintain a neutral typing posture. A soft key touch allows you to repetitively key in data without tiring. Browse the full selection and find your perfect keyboard.