Ergonomic Mice

Our ergonomic mice, represented by the innovative, leading-edge Control RollerMouse brand, enhance the ergonomic workstation by immeasurably improving your work comfort while increasing productivity. Our brand name mice are made so your hands are positioned more naturally, thereby decreasing the risk of such conditions as repetitive stress injuries (RSI) and carpal tunnel syndrome.

Our mice are designed first and foremost with user comfort in mind. If you currently suffer from hand pain, then, you, no doubt, will benefit from the mice we feature as well as our other ergonomic workstation products. By buying an ergonomic mouse, you’ll soon become acquainted with how ergonomic products can improve daily functionality. Include a ergonomic keyboard along with your mouse when purchasing products for your work area.

A traditional computer mouse is not made to be used daily. With respect to ergonomics, the traditional computer mouse can only be used about 20 minutes before you have to take a break. Our ergonomic mice, however, allow you to stay at your computer by supplying features that conform to the shape of your hand. This natural, sloping shape not only provides you with more support, it also significantly reduces muscle tension. Use any of our ergonomic mice to work with added ease and comfort.

For example. our RollerMouse PRO3 eases any tendon tension by getting rid of the need to reach for the mouse. The unique design allows for control of the cursor just beneath the Space Bar. Seven button functions are featured on the mouse, including left click, right click, double click, scroll wheel, scroll lock and one-touch copy-and-paste.

The Contour RollerMouse Free2 highlights such features lower ergonomic height, open rollerbar, speed adjustments for the cursor, and even risers to permit you to make adjustments to the height. The RollerMouse Free2 is made so you don’t have to reach down while using the mouse, thereby alleviating such ailments as shoulder-and-wrist pain, neck pain, and elbow discomfort. The no-grip mouse prevents the risk of Carpal tunnel Syndrome and similar repetitive stress injuries.

Check out our full selection of ergonomic mice and experience the difference.