Articulating Keyboard Arms

Having a workplace that allows for a feeling of flow and open space is a great thing. What does it take to achieve it? It involves having an integrated system that supports the human at the center of it. That’s what ergonomic design is all about; it’s about creating designs in furniture and work systems that make things flow, so work can be accomplished with a minimum of stress on the body.

How is it achieved? Through choosing products that support the system as a whole, with flexibility and versatility, like products with articulating arms that bend and adjust to allow room to think and room to work.

CSI Ergonomics offers a range of quality products that use articulating arms to create an open and flexible work environment. Let’s take a look at some of the products that utilize articulating arms.

The Chief Kontour Dynamic Desk Clamp Mount is an elegant solution to workspace considerations and support of a single computer monitor. This articulating arm is elegantly designed with a forged aluminum body, for a product that combines strength and flexibility with aesthetic appeal. It allows for dynamic height adjustment and easy positioning.

Busy offices with major multitasking may call on dual monitors at one workspace, which is why the Chief Contour Dynamic Column Clamp Mount for dual monitors is so invaluable. Gas-spring technology allows for easy adjusting to accommodate sitting or standing positions. It also allows for independent positioning of both monitors, to create a balanced and comfortable work situation.

Check out the many choices in products that promote flexibility and comfort in the workplace, via articulating arms. It’s all here, at CSI Ergonomics.