Keyboard Tray Systems

What is a system? It’s a unit that’s totally integrated, to allow a set of several different elements to work together to achieve a more smoothly functioning means of production. For CSI Technologies, a preconfigured keyboard tray system is a type of keyboard platform that combines several elements to make a work area operate more fluidly, so work can be more productive and less stressful on the brain and the body. Systems are a good thing, as they enable work to really flow. Here are just a few examples of the kinds of keyboard tray systems that we offer.

The Workrite Banana-Board & Arm System is an incredibly versatile desktop system that combines functionality with first-class style. This adjustable keyboard tray system can accommodate a straightaway or corner desk configuration, and features a mouse platform that can move from side to side for left or right hand use. It also contains a document holder, removable wrist rest and more.

The Keynetix Mouse Oval System is a complete keyboard system that’s recommended for corner space applications. This stylish system boasts a Comfort Plus keyboard platform that works with an 18” gel palm and wrist rest, plus a tilt-and-swivel mouse tray that accommodates left- or right-hand use. One touch adjustment makes height changes and swiveling into multiple positions easy. This system stores easily under a desk when not in use.

If an easy flowing workspace, with versatility, flexibility and comfort sounds appealing, take a look at the preconfigured keyboard systems offered now at CSI Ergonomics. These systems can help open up and add fluidity to accomplishing tasks, all while keeping the body healthy, supported and with a minimum of stress--and that’s a very good thing indeed.