Laptop & Tablet Solutions

Comfort is at the apex of what we stand for. CSI Ergonomics is tirelessly searching for the best technological advances that help you do your job effortlessly and comfortably.

Comfort in motion describes today's mobile ergonomic workspace and our laptop and tablet solutions offer maximum portable convenience. The Goldtouch Go! Travel Notebook Stand fully accommodates your on-the-go lifestyle. The Go! Travel Notebook Stand boasts a sleek, aluminum design that offers multiple height settings, while folding neatly into a neoprene cover that doubles as a mouse pad.

For the multitasker, the multi-functional Chief Kontour Laptop Tray smartly converts into a docking station that can be adjusted to a position that is ideal for your personal viewing and then extends and retracts as needed.

Beat the "laptop hunch" with the Humanscale L6 Notebook Manager. This innovative product rises to the occasion, by accommodating you at a convenient level, with features that include heat ventilation, cable management, and in-house security.

CSI Ergonomics also offers the space-saving design of the 3M Vertical Notebook Riser, in addition to the portability, stability, and convenience of the Aidata Lapstand and travel bag.

The ergonomic positioning of the Aviator Laptop Stand allows better viewing height, while proper keyboard alignment saves your wrists from unnecessary stress and bending. This stand is ideal for travel, as it adapts to airplane tray tables, hotel desks, and more. The Aviator Laptop Stand also promotes better posture and when propped up, encourages natural airflow to keep your laptop cool.

CSI offers multiple solutions that accommodate all of your devices, while helping you experience maximum ergonomic comfort and convenience in motion.