LED Desk Lamps & Task Lighting

Let there be light, and let a bright light shine upon an efficient workplace that supports the people who work there, so they can complete their tasks with efficiency, creativity and versatility, all with a minimum of stress and strain on the body. Yes, that’s the ergonomic ideal, and that’s what CSI Ergonomics is committed to achieving. By providing a top quality selection of desk lamps and task lighting options designed to work brightly and energy-efficiently in the workplace, CSI Ergonomics is fulfilling its pledge to brighten and enlighten. It’s all part of our company’s goal of making work tasks flow easily and efficiently with a minimum of body strain.

CSI Ergonomics offers a range of lights designed to integrate well with modern workspaces and systems. Let’s take a look at some of the lights we offer.

The Humanscale Element Vision LED Task Light represents a breakthrough in advanced Multi-Chip Extended LED technology. The result is a bright, 3000k ergonomic illumination that is glare-free, along with a much greater life than traditional LEDs. Light level can be customized using a seven setting dimmer. The extended bar shape provides a large, even, single-shadow light. Bright, reliable and energy efficient, this groundbreaking light is the perfect office companion.

Humanscale also offers a Double Arm Tasklight that brings more light to a workspace through an easily positionable double arm that extends out to 42 inches. Along with being extremely adjustable, this clean and modern desk light is also extremely efficient.

Ready to shine a light and brighten things up? Take a look at the illuminating ideas in workspace lighting here at CSI Ergonomics.