Monitor Solutions

CSI’s monitor solutions offer a variety of features and are designed so you stay job-focused: simplifying your workspace and maximizing your work flow.

We provide workspace solutions for all of your computing needs. The Chief Kontour monitor arms use gas-spring technology, combining ergonomics with convenience. Adjustability is right within your grasp as the Kontour’s new design promotes sit-to-stand maneuverability, while the helping you reduce the negative risk factors associated with constant sedentary inactivity.

Our monitor stands are sturdy and capable of holding everything from laptops to multiple displays. Each come with a range of versatile features that help create better workflow. Enhance your view by simply selecting the monitor position that best suits your viewing needs with the patented motion technology.

Because CSI Ergonomics knows that your time is valuable, we invite you to experience a customized workspace that provides counterbalance adjustment and hassle-free repositioning: eliminating time spent adjusting monitors and modifying workspace. Ergotron also strives to minimize workflow interruption and support IT-related needs. Power up or down easily and get instant access to crucial knobs or controls in emergency shut-down situations.

Our lifts, stands, and risers are created for laptops, but also come monitor-friendly. Some even feature a sturdy melamine surface to prevent scratching and nicking. The VuRyser series takes it up a notch - giving you the capability to raise your monitor or display in desired increments.