Wall Mount Monitor Arms

At CSI Ergonomics, we’re in the business of identifying solutions that make people feel better. After all, we realize that greater client comfort means greater client productivity. Through ergonomics and innovation, we help make you and your organization more comfortable, more productive, and more profitable.

Top-of-the line products like the Chief Height Dual Arm Wall Mount is one of a variety of ergonomic solutions whenever your viewing needs call for flexibility and superior reach. Offering a greater range of motion, the dual swing monitor lets you control the height and angle of your display, while the two-monitor configuration encourages greater productivity.

For added maneuverability, special Centris technology offers touch-to-tilt mechanics, allowing your display to flow in the direction that you desire. Our Wall Mount Monitor Arms are designed to keep a low profile, staying out of the way when more space is required, but fully accessible and performance-ready when you need it.

Polished silver or black metal are standard for the Chief Pivot/Pitch monitor: this is a product that offers versatility and efficiency, packaged in a sleek, easy-to-install, easy-to-use design. Added features include a 360 degree portrait/landscape rotation and optimized touch-screen capability for additional viewing pleasure.

Does your monitor require more support? CSI Ergonomics has the perfect solution for displays weighing up to 50 pounds. The Ergotron LX HD TV Wall Mount Pivot is the adjustable answer to the average, stationary wall mount. Simply position on a solid wood or concrete surface, adjust the tension and display, and enjoy!