CSI History

Old Downtown Minneapolis Building

CSI (Clinic Supply Inc.) began in 1991 as a distributor of orthopedic and health rehabilitation products. While the company’s initial focus quickly took hold within the healthcare community, our passion and expertize soon grew to encompass the broad field of occupational health and safety.

With the increase of workplace injuries due to repetitive motion and longer hours spent sitting down, CSI discovered purpose in finding new ways to prevent these injuries from occurring. This change in direction prompted us to add the word “Ergonomics” to our name to better illustrate the company’s goal to promote health and wellness in the workplace.

CSI Ergonomics was originally located in the Wyman building in the Warehouse District of downtown Minneapolis. As our business grew, we recognized that clients wanted easier access to our products. In 2004 we moved into a office in Minnetonka that has enough space for our warehouse and an expansive showroom for product demonstrations.

CSI Ergonomics Building Minnetonka