Side Chairs

When it comes to workplace seating, having a comfortable, ergonomically-designed work chair is essential to productivity; it is also essential to the prevention of workplace injury. Sitting in a badly designed chair for a long period of time is hard on the human body, which leads to intermittent discomfort and possible injury if not addressed.

If the human body is not properly supported in the sitting position, certain parts of the body come under more stress over time. Chronic pain can develop in the neck, back, shoulders and hips, which results in productivity loss and disruption at work, not to mention discomfort and difficulty outside of work as well.

Ergonomically designed side chairs help to prevent discomfort and injury by providing adequate support to the human body while sitting. With a comfortable chair design that has good back support, you can sit for longer periods of time without becoming uncomfortable, or more importantly, without increasing your chances of injury in the future.

CSI Ergonomics has 20 years of experience designing ergonomic chairs. We know the human form well and we know the type of chair designs necessary to support the human body in a sitting position. Our ergonomic side chairs feature adjustable back supports which conform perfectly to your back, saving you from discomfort and injury.

Check out our full selection of side chairs. You’re sure to find the chair that works best for you. Shop for a side chair today and discover what an ergonomic chair can do for you in the workplace.