Ergonomic Stools

A stool is not the type of chair you usually think of when it comes to ergonomic design, but the benefits of a comfortable stool should not be ignored. Stools make for a great addition to any workplace where you don’t expect to be sitting for long periods of time, but want to remain comfortable and supported when you do sit down to work.

CSI Ergonomics offers heavy duty stools on wheels that can be rolled to support you wherever you work. Our ergonomically-designed stool cushions allow for comfortable sitting, with adjustable cushions to achieve the settings you want with ease. We also offer stools with ergonomically designed back rests if you need a chair that allows for longer periods of sitting. Our stools feature foot-rest bars for your convenience.

Stools are especially useful in lab conditions or construction environments which require you to constantly move around. They are easy to roll back and forth and swivel on, allowing free range of movement. Sit-stand arrangements work perfectly with stools, since most of the time you are on your feet. Being able to stand while you work helps exercise your muscles, which is better for you than sitting all of the time.

Check out our selection of stools. You’re sure to find one to fit your workplace needs. You can rest assured that our stools are of the highest quality in design. See for yourself, and learn the benefits of good ergonomic design.