Ergonomic Standing Desks

What if the workday was transformed by an active engagement of the body while a variety of tasks are fulfilled? What if a person had the ability to sit or stand while reviewing papers, reading a website, meeting with associates or clients or leading a discussion regarding important office issues? Luckily, that time has arrived, with a variety of innovative Sit to Stand office products, specially designed with the latest in body- and work-enhancing technology. These products are specially created to motivate productivity during the workday while also providing comfort, back support and a feeling of relaxation and balance, through the latest in ergonomic, body conscious technology.

CSI Ergomonics offers a wide range of Sit to Stand products, from tables to desks to footrests, monitor arms and computer carts. All of these products have been designed with the “human factor” – the comfort, balance and health of the person using them—as a top priority. Along with their technologically advanced designs, these products also bring with them a clean modern aesthetic that is always attractive and blends well in a modern office setting, or combined with more traditional office pieces.

Sit to Stand desks are offered in a wide range of attractive design options, including electric base desks with dual or triple legs that can adjust to accommodate the user’s height and comfort. Our desks also include innovative designs like the Mayline Varitask E-series, which offers incredible versatility and comfort during the workday.

For ease, flexibility and comfort, the Sit to Stand products at CSI Ergonomics are the ones to choose. We stand by these products and the innovation that makes the comfort and health of the worker a top priority. Check out the full line today.