Height-Adjustable Bases & Tables

To sit or to stand? Is that really the question?

In times past, the idea of “work” often meant working, seated at a desk, for several hours. While this accepted model of work still exists today, the reality is that hours spent sitting can lead to all kinds of neck and body strain. Still though, does an aching back and tired body have to be part of the true “work ethic”? No—we don’t think so. At CSI Ergonomics, we believe in supporting, and honoring the idea of productivity that utilizes the body’s movement, muscles and feeling of flow, without strain or fatigue. It’s in the spirit of the ergonomic idea that we offer bases and tables that are well-designed, modern, attractive and made to enhance the flow of the workday while minimizing muscle strain.

We offer a range of attractive bases and tables that are designed with the human element at the forefront. We offer a wide selection of worktables and bases that are designed to easily allow for a flow of movement, from sitting to standing. A table like the Ergotron Work-Fit D Sit-Stand desk is an attractive, adjustable sit stand workstation that allows easy adjustment so a working person can “go with the flow” with ease. This desk includes a clean work surface, a steel base, a height adjustable work platform and a hand-brake system to put the person at the desk in the driver’s seat. We also offer an exciting selection of workstation bases (to be used with a desk top) that are electrically powered for ease of use.

Check out the range of bases and tables here at CSI Ergonomics, where comfort and ease of movement are all part of the work experience.