Desktop Sit-Stands

Staying comfortable, staying active, staying mobile. Sitting, standing, staying flexible, staying energized. Does that sound like a description of a regular workday? It should! The revolution in mobile, flowing workspaces has arrived, with ergonomically designed, “Workfit” style workstations from Ergotron. These easy flowing, mobile workstations are designed with the human body, and the all-around “human factor” in the workplace as a top priority.

Work should be a healthy, productive activity that supports the creative flow of ideas while you accomplish a multitude of tasks. Workfit workstations are designed with productivity in mind, by providing a way to easily move between tasks and even navigate the office. With Workfit workstations, you achieve all of this while minimizing back and neck strain. Let’s take a look at some of the styles of Workfit workstations Ergotron offers.

The Ergotron Workfit-C LCD & Laptop Sit-Stand Workstation maximizes productivity and positive energy by providing a compact and comfortable workspace that is mobile and incredibly versatile. This workstation is also a computer cart that can move around a space whenever needed; a dual-caster system then locks the cart in place. Switch from sitting or standing positions easily with a one-touch feature. The computer monitor, keyboard and the whole workstation can be fluidly adjusted too.

Ergotron also offers a Workfit-PD, Sit-Stand Desk that makes it a breeze to tackle your work from any position. An easily adjustable desk with an integrated brake system creates a real “go with the flow” feeling.

The Workfit Workstations and desks from Ergotron are a breakthrough in ergonomically sound workspace design. Check out the full range of designs to find the Workfit desk that best suits your workday needs.