Total Solutions Approach to Workplace Ergonomics

Protect your most important investment: People.

At CSI Ergonomics we are committed to offering a total solutions approach to each of our customers. We will be there with you every step of the way, from selecting the right product all the way to the installation and education.

Proper ergonomics make people feel better. CSI has a history of detecting key issues that affect work place productivity. We can perform onsite evaluations and recommend corrective solutions through our extensive product offerings. We also partner up with professional ergonomists to address employee based ergonomic training and extensive ergonomic assessments. Call 952-215-0700 to learn more.

Try Before You Buy

CSI Ergonomics offers customers the unique ability to visit our showroom, which enables you to try a product before you buy. It's complete with several different types of height-adjustable workstations, chairs, monitor arms, input devices, foot rests, and much more. Make an appointment to visit the “Comfort Zone,” and we’ll show you how our products work and guide you through your selection process to ensure you find the best possible solution.

Personalized Service

At CSI you’ll receive personal service and that “small business feel” that sets us apart from big competitors. In accordance with our hands-on service philosophy, we can deliver the product directly to your office and install it for you. Delivery and installation is key to ensure that you’re getting the most out of your product.

Through innovation and expertise, we are dedicated to helping our clients create work environments that optimize health, safety and productivity. Begin now and utilize the total solutions approach to protect and sustain your number one asset: people.