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Fax to: 952-215-0750

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We appreciate you trusting CSI with your purchase and sorry to hear you are experiencing problems with your product. Warranty claims may be submitted using the form below, or by downloading the .pdf and faxing the form to 952-215-0750.

Warranty Claims:

  • Please provide as much information as possible so we are able to process your request without delay. The more information provided the quicker your request can be processed.
  • Attaching a photo to your claim is very helpful and assists us in addressing the problem.
  • Warranties are intended for CSI customers and those that purchased their product from us.
  • CSI Ergonomics stands behind the manufacturer's warranty terms and doesn't offer any additional warranties. Warranty periods and specifics vary from manufacturer to manufacturer.

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Seating    **Please attach photo of sticker under seat pan**

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