What We Do

Ergonomics is the critical link between the human form and healthful productivity.

CSI Ergonomics

At CSI Ergonomics, we strive to help our customers “feel better” in the workplace so that they can “work better.” We believe that when you feel better your focus increases, allowing you to be more productive.

Our goal is to provide the best ergonomic solution for each and every one of our customers. Whether we’re outfitting a home office or a large corporate building, we look to provide the best solution based on the individual’s or company’s needs.

Prevention is the best medicine. While we work with individuals to correct problems and address workplace injuries, our ultimate goal is to prevent these injuries from occurring. With the right tools and proper movement throughout the day, many common workplace injuries could be prevented.

CSI Ergonomics

One thing that sets CSI Ergonomics apart is that we provide personal consultations in our showroom, the “Comfort Zone.”  It’s a great place to come and “test drive” our products.  From seating and height-adjustable workstations to wrist rests and document holders, we have all the tools necessary to create a healthy and productive environment.

We can provide you with the training and education about the best ways to use our products.  For our local customers we offer product delivery and installation.  In addition to installing products, our experienced professionals can provide valuable education and suggestions about making your area more ergonomic and functional.

Let us help you experience a better way to work.