Document Holders

If you’ve ever tried typing from an existing document, you know that there are many challenges associated with such an action. Where do you put the document? You can’t put it on top of the keyboard because you need access to the keys to type. Likewise, propped in front of the monitor also isn’t an option because you need to be able to see what you’re typing to ensure your product is error free.

What’s more, any document propped in front of your monitor will likely end up sliding away, resulting in frustration and inefficiency. And there likely isn’t enough space between your keyboard and monitor to place the document, and that would just cause additional unhealthy neck strain anyway.

So what’s the solution? Document Holders are the perfect answer, and of course, we here at CSI Ergonomics carry many for you to choose from. Some Document Holders can be placed to the side of your keyboard, but not too far out of your line of sight to cause neck strain. These are mobile, rather than a fixed installation, so you can place yours wherever is the most comfortable for you.

Other Document Holders can be installed on your keyboard stand. They place the document at an angle above the keyboard, but below your line of sight of the monitor. These are fixed, though the angle and orientation (portrait or landscape) can be adjusted as you see fit. Both types of Document Holders maintain the document upright, so you don’t have to strain yourself in order to see both the written document and your word processor.

Browse our Document Holders to find the perfect version for your workspace.