Wrist Rests

Feeling wrist soreness after a long day at the office? Typing on a computer keyboard without the aid of a wrist rest can elevate the angle of your wrist, thereby increasing contact stress on the tendons. If you work extensively keying in information, then you can develop some awkward postures that can inhibit wrist moment. Therefore, it’s important to keep the hand elevated and moving freely by making use of a wrist rest.

Our wrist rests are represented by such brands as 3M, Kelly, and Ergotron, each of which reduces bending of the wrists and makes typing easier, especially when combined with other ergonomic-friendly products, like the keyboard and mouse. Wrist rests are designed to support the slope of the keyboard in order to keep the wrist rested and naturally straight. Our wrist rest products provide support with just the right amount of shape and softness, eliminating excess pressure to the muscles in the wrists.

For example, try our 3M model wrist rests, which supply a comforting gel with an extra protective antimicrobial additive built into the accessory. Not only does the support take the tension away from keying, it also reduces the development of bacteria and odors. All wrist rests are easy to clean and promote a neutral, healthy wrist posture.

Or, you may want to consider the Kelly Viscoflex Wrist Strip, which features added memory foam to lessen surface pressure. Feeling gel-like, the Kelly wrist rest easily adjusts and conforms to a range of wrist movements. The strip is made with anti-microbial protection in the form of an Aegis Microbe Shield and is breathable as well as simple to clean. Find your perfect wrist rest and give your wrists the support they need.