Desk Mount Monitor Arms

As a professional, you want standard-setting solutions that integrate ease-of-use technology with comfort and stability, leaving you to focus on delivering the quality of performance your job requires.

CSI Ergonomics is committed to providing you with just that. Our adjustable desk mount monitor arms offer the range and ergonomic motion that allows your display greater freedom, while making space where you need it most.

The Ergotron Desk Mount Arm offers an exclusive lift-and-pivot motion design that allows you greater control over the direction of your display, while the solid steel Chief Dual Arm Desk Mount features 20" of fully-adjustable height extension capability. A Centris pitch mechanism offers superior balance that supports monitors of all weights, while offering effortless tilt with just the touch of a finger.

Adjustability. The Workrite Poise encompasses fluid, fingertip comfort and positioning. Parallel linkage keeps the monitor from tipping up or down, and with a 180 degree monitor rotation and 360 degree base rotation, there’s no wonder why the Poise Arm Desk Mount is considered one of the best on the market.

For style and aesthetics, the Chief Kontour wins hands down. Functionality meets user-ability, as the Kontour's dual monitor configuration increases productivity, while its patented gas-spring technology controls height adjustment for better positioning. The Kontour also offers the option of viewing each display independently, providing optimal comfort for viewers.

CSI Ergonomics’ wide selection of desk mount monitor arms provides greater accessibility and ease of viewing and computing. Our products are free-flowing and durable - built to meet all of your specific needs.