Monitor Risers & Stands

Computers are a necessary and important part of today's technology and CSI brings innovation and expertise to your fingertips, with ideas that simplify your computing experience.

Ergotron's Neo-Flex LCD Monitor Stand is not the average computer monitor stand. Ergotron holds true to the philosophy of making computing comfortable for users, not only through its products, but online education and initiatives, as well. Many times we take on poor positioning when using computers and accessories, and our bodies are left to suffer in the process. The result is minimal back, neck and wrist support, while blood fails to circulate properly through the body.

The NeoFlex invites you to choose a more ergonomic experience. Ergotron created lift-and-pivot technology, which allows you to adjust your LCD computer monitor in a smooth, easy motion. A 35 degree tilt and 70 degree side-to-side pan movement supports portrait or landscape viewing.

At work or on the go, Ergotron's Neo-Flex All-In-One Lift Stand moves with you. The most efficiency you'll find in a portable workstation, the Lift Stand gives you the option to pack up all of your materials at the end of the day and transport them along with you or lock them up at the office for the night. What could be better that a continuously accessible workstation? Perhaps, a workstation that adjusts to provide complete ergonomic comfort.

Eliminate the stress associated with neck, back, and shoulder pain by utilizing the Lift Stand's all- in-one features.

CSI Ergonomics makes it easier for you to choose the technology that creates a more suitable work environment for you.