Wall Mounts Systems

What are the elements that make an effective and efficient workspace environment? At CSI Ergonomics, we think it’s a combination of technology, brainpower, mobility, and an ease of use that provides comfort with a minimum of stress on the back and neck. Put all that together, and you have a workspace that lets you complete tasks and deliver for clients at top capability. Having an efficient, ergonomically designed workspace frees up much needed energy so it can be used where it’s really needed, in creating top quality work.

How does all that happen? Start with a truly efficient workspace, one that has plenty of flexibility, easy interface between functions, and mobility. Our wall mount systems provide innovative solutions to space problems, freeing up a work area by better utilizing vertical space, allowing greater freedom of movement while at the computer.

The Ergotron LX Wall Mount System is an easy-to-install system constructed in clean polished aluminum. The wall piece provides flexible use of an LCD, mouse and keyboard, and CPU. The folding arms allow for storage of the keyboard and LCD against a wall when not being used, freeing up valuable workspace.

The Ergotron StyleView® Sit-Stand Combo System with Worksurface is another space-saving wall mount system that holds several items including a monitor and work surface, and also a wrist rest and mouse on the same arm, so the work area can be easily freed up with a fluid height adjustment. This unit can be used from a sitting or standing position. A negative tilt keyboard tray reduces stress on wrists.

Take a look at the variety of wall mount systems available from CSI Ergonomics, to find the right choice for your workspace and workstyle. Open up your workspace and embrace efficiency, flexibility and freedom.